When I was very young it was my job in the family to knead the biscuit dough for two reasons: I was so small I could not overwork the dough and I loved it. I'm not little anymore, however, that experience of being in the kitchen at such a young age solidified my role as the baker in the family. I learned from the best, my parents! I was either standing on a chair stirring a pot of pie filling with my dad or making cookies, brownies and cakes with my mom.

I transferred that love of baking to my adult life making specialty cakes for family and friends, bless their hearts, they were the early taste testers. It was their prompting that led me to open Auntie AM's Sweet Stop, with the help of my husband of course.

We believe to make a great product you have to start with great ingredients. We use the freshest, purest and most natural ingredients. We are proud to be a Go Texan member and buy as many Texas products as possible.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the sweet stop,

Auntie AM

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